haters gonna hate

taylor slaylison swift its queen and idc about your opinion


Last Kiss (Acoustic) - Taylor Swift

that july 9th, the beat of your heart.

"It just was a coping mechanism to think really hard about how I want to look at my life; if I really wanted to be one of those celebrity types that constantly complains about being gossiped about when I could just live my life inside of it and have fun regardless.

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To me this was the most powerful part of the entire song/video and just summed up what she was trying to capture in Shake It Off. This is sososo important because this isnt only aimed at her haters, but for her fans and everyone listening, to celebrate individuality and dismiss the haters like Taylor. Like the emotion in her face is so surreal & captures the message shes trying to convey basically.

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I'll never miss a beat, I'm lightning on my feet

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I like looking at my dash and seeing


*few scrolls later*


*even more scrolls later*


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She now lives her life on her own terms and still has fantastic hair

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Reblog if you didn’t leave the Taylor Swift fandom when she announced 1989.

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